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I was born and grew up in St.John’s, Newfoundland. As a child I attended Saturday classes at The Newfoundland Academy of Art owned by two OCA trained local artists Helen Parsons Sheppard and Reginald Sheppard. Students started with Helen Parsons Sheppard who taught us how to draw seemingly endless still life. She excelled at still life and portraits and it was likely because of her that I acquired an interest in portraiture. When we could draw well enough we progressed to Reginald Sheppard’s classes where we were taught how to paint in oils. He took us to The Battery to draw boats and fishing gear- my first attempts at en plein air drawing.

Later, I studied Occupational Therapy in Oxford, England, and in the course of that program, I was exposed to a number of craft activities including : weaving, pottery, screen printing, basketwork and wood working.

As a young mother living in Toronto, I took art classes when I could through the Toronto District School Board, OCA, and the Three schools of Art, and in 1994 I took my first Painting Holiday in France. This trip was my introduction to acrylics for landscape and portraiture, and it strengthened my passion for France, and for working en plein air.

Since that time I have continued to paint en plein air in France, Quebec, Ontario and Newfoundland. In 2009 I took my first of seven pastel painting trips with Susan Low-Beer, and used soft pastels for landscape painting for the first time. It has become a passion and I love the intensity of the pigments. I have also taken pastel workshops with Margaret Ferraro, Ruth Rodgers and Dave Beckett.

For studio work, including portraits, oil is my favourite medium. I also enjoy sculpting in clay and life drawing.

Retirement has allowed me to pursue these interests in a more dedicated fashion, and to that end I belong to Pastel Artists of Canada, the Barrie Art Club, Quest Art and Go Figure.

I show my work in Barrie and Midland.

NOTE - I will paint your portrait for the cost of materials [approximately 1/10th of the price of the finished painting].  ie - A 10” x 8” head and shoulder painting usually costs $250.00 - I will paint it for $25.00 - if you like it and want it you pay the balance of $225.00 and it is yours! If you don’t want it we will still be friends! Sittings are usually necessary. Email me for more information - include a photo of the portrait you would like to have painted.

Thanks for the visit and I would love to hear from you,


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E-MAIL ME - louise.kelly at

E-MAIL ME - louise.kelly @